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Business Services

Payroll and land tax disputes

Polemic Forensic provides advice and assistance in relation to payroll and land tax disputes.

Polemic Forensic have successfully assisted clients in challenging assessments issued by the Office of State Revenue.

Business Succession

A number of business owning baby boomers will be entering retirement within the next 5 to 10 years.

Questions for discussion
  • Does the client have adequate funds for retirement?
  • What will the client do if he/she is not working in the business?
  • Exit strategies
  • Are children involved in the business - take over?

The business

  • Is the business sellable?
  • Is the business or the business assets ready for sale or transfer
  • How is the business and its assets owned?
  • What are the business liabilities
  • Has the business been valued
  • Business prospects
  • Structure - corporate, partnership, trust, sole trader

Risk Management

Polemic can assist companies to understand risk systems for identifying, measuring, evaluating, monitoring, reporting, and controlling or mitigating material risks that may affect its ability, to meet its obligations to shareholders. These systems, together with the structures, policies, processes and people supporting them, comprise the company's risk management framework. The Board of a company is ultimately responsible for having a risk management framework that is appropriate to the size, business mix and complexity of the industry. The risk management framework must also be consistent with the institution's strategic objectives and business plan and maintains a board approved risk appetite. Adequate resources are to be applied on a on-going basis to ensure compliance with the risk framework. One such resource is a dedicated Risk Officer independent of management advising the Board.

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